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  • With all your mind?

    With all your mind?

    Kim Fabricius argues that learning and scholarship are not the enemies of faith

  • Ten Propositions on Hell

    Ten Propositions on Hell

    Kim Fabricius was my blogging partner at my old blog, Connexions. The ’10 Propositions on…’ series that he started there eventually became a book

  • What is the opposite of faith?

    What is the opposite of faith?

    A lot of people would say doubt. But that won’t do. There is, for sure, a kind of doubt that is entirely negative, which puts faith in jeopardy. But I suspect the main kind of doubt with which we are familiar is the kind that asks questions – and that won’t be fobbed off with unconvincing […]

  • What God does

    Rowan Williams: “The Christian answer to the problem of suffering is not a theory but the story of a life and a death … that story has to be visible in our story”

  • Long live the king!

    There was once a time when theology was considered “queen of the sciences”. Sadly, the old queen is now locked away in a high tower. She is little trouble to anyone, though her wailings might still disturb a sensitive soul passing by the foot of her prison. Theology no longer has any place of honour…