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  • Honestly! You put the fear of God into me! (reblogged)

    Honestly! You put the fear of God into me! (reblogged)

    I did a ten year stint as a part-time university chaplain and had the privilege of meeting and working with some very fine young people. Among the finest was Mike Blakey, who was tragically murdered in 2006 while working with a charity in Northern India. I’m re-posting this piece he wrote for my blog while…

  • With all your mind?

    With all your mind?

    Kim Fabricius argues that learning and scholarship are not the enemies of faith

  • Ten Propositions on Hell

    Ten Propositions on Hell

    Kim Fabricius was my blogging partner at my old blog, Connexions. The ’10 Propositions on…’ series that he started there eventually became a book

  • What is the opposite of faith?

    What is the opposite of faith?

    A lot of people would say doubt. But that won’t do. There is, for sure, a kind of doubt that is entirely negative, which puts faith in jeopardy. But I suspect the main kind of doubt with which we are familiar is the kind that asks questions – and that won’t be fobbed off with unconvincing…

  • What God does

    Rowan Williams: “The Christian answer to the problem of suffering is not a theory but the story of a life and a death … that story has to be visible in our story”

  • Long live the king!

    There was once a time when theology was considered “queen of the sciences”. Sadly, the old queen is now locked away in a high tower. She is little trouble to anyone, though her wailings might still disturb a sensitive soul passing by the foot of her prison. Theology no longer has any place of honour…