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A hymn for Mary

In Mary’s song of praise and peace
we call “Magnificat”,
a peasant maiden mocked the claims
of earth’s proud plutocrats.

An angel whispered, “You’re the one
who’ll carry heaven’s child.”
The girl, in fearful faith, said, “Yes!”
but barely forced a smile.

She went to see a kindred soul,
who praised what God would do;
yet Mary felt a deep unease
about the coming coup.

But then she paused and prayed and thought,
“Why am I full of doubt?
The Lord is good, I’ll trust his ways,
though they seem roundabout.”

Her heart welled up, it overflowed
with firm, determined joy,
because the Lord would save the world
through such a subtle ploy.

“The poor will eat, parade the streets,”
she sang, “and bands will play;
the pity is, with empty hands,
the rich will rue the day.”

Kim Fabricius (1948 – 2018)
(Kim’s Suggested Tune was ‘University’ but it is a Common Metre hymn, so there are lots of options)