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What I’m doing now

As of March 2023…

I’m still Superintendent Minister of the Shropshire and Marches Methodist Circuit. I also have pastoral responsibility for Rea Valley churches and for the Bishop’s Castle area.

My online life has shifted away from the ‘corporate’ social media sites and I’m now focussed on getting this blog going and growing my presence in the ‘fediverse’.

I do my scouting with the 23rd Shrewsbury Scout Group. We have Beavers and Cubs, but sadly no scouts at the moment because of a shortage of leaders. I’m going to try to do something about that this year.

Photographically, I’m most inclined towards 35mm and 120 film cameras. I get a kick out of using “redundant” kit – it’s almost an act of rebellion against the consumerism that says your equipment must be the latest and greatest. Having said that, recently I’ve become quite attached to my Nikon DSLR. It isn’t exactly new (about 15 years old) and it can share lenses with my film SLRs so it has alot to commend it.

I’m working on 2 zine projects.

Inspired by Derek Sivers’ now page project


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