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  • What’s with all the conspiracy theories?

    What’s with all the conspiracy theories?

    I don’t know what I’ve done to deserve it, but many of my internet feeds, especially YouTube, have been awash with (mostly) right-wing conspiracy theories lately. I say “right wing”, but perhaps “free market libertarian” would be a less contentious label. However you might give them a political label, there’s been a lot of them…

  • John Major’s Warning

    John Major’s Warning

    I’m not a fan of former UK Prime Minister Sir John Major. Not a fan at all. But so many of the warnings he gives in this interview about Brexit have been right on the money. Remember: this interview was given some weeks before the Brexit referendum.

  • Excuse me, is this the right room for an argument?

    Excuse me, is this the right room for an argument?

    There is more to an argument than just shouting opposite points of view.

  • Billy Bragg at Greenbelt

    Billy Bragg at Greenbelt

    A video of Billy Bragg singing ‘Jerusalem’ at the Greenbelt Festival 2011

  • Let freedom ring

    Let freedom ring

    A beautiful visual poem for Martin Luther King Day from the SALT Project “No doubt Dr. King would want us to remember and celebrate all the people who made the march possible —inspiring us more than half a century later to keep working, marching, and fighting for jobs, freedom, equal rights, liberation, inclusivity, and a…

  • A National Disgrace That We’ve All Grown Used To

    A National Disgrace That We’ve All Grown Used To

    Lotteries have become deeply embedded in our national life and their corrosive effects seem to go unquestioned these days. But my view is that they are an evil influence and should be scrapped

  • Firearms permits

    Firearms permits

    Sometimes comedy gets to the truth much more effectively than a straightforward argument. In the comedy “The Thin Blue Line”, Rowan Atkinson’s Inspector Fowler has a sensible approach to issuing firearms permits. Ben Elton deserves more credit for this sitcom.

  • On the NHS

    On the NHS

    On Clement Attlee’s birthday, a reminder to myself of just how precious is Britain’s NHS