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Hymn of the day

Rejoice for a brother deceased;
Our loss is his infinite gain;
A soul out of prison released,
And freed from its bodily pain!
With songs let us follow his flight,
And mount with his spirit above;
Escaped to the mansions of light,
And lodged in the Eden of love.

Our brother the haven hath gained;
Outflying the tempest and wind,
His rest he hath sooner obtained,
And left his companions behind;
Still toss’d on a sea of distress;
Hard-toiling to make the blest shore,
Where all is assurance and peace,
And sorrow and sin are no more.

There all the ship’s company meet,
Who sailed with the Saviour beneath;
With shouting each other they greet,
And triumph o’er sorrow and death:
The voyage of life’s at an end,
The mortal affliction is past:
The age that in heaven they spend,
For ever and ever shall last.

Charles Wesley






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