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Hymn of the day

JESUS comes with all his grace,
Comes to save a fallen race,
Object of our glorious hope,
Jesus comes to lift us up!

Let the living stones cry out!
Let the sons of Abraham shout!
Praise we all our lowly King,
Give him thanks, rejoice, and sing!

He hath our salvation wrought,
He our captive souls hath bought,
He hath reconciled to God,
He hath washed us in his blood.

We are now his lawful right,
Walk as children of the light;
We shall soon obtain the grace,
Pure in heart, to see his face.

We shall gain our calling’s prize;
After God we all shall rise,
Filled with joy, and love, and peace,
Perfected in holiness.

Let us then rejoice in hope,
Steadily to Christ look up;
Trust to be redeemed from sin,
Wait, till he appear within.

Fools and madmen let us be,
Yet is our sure trust in thee;
Faithful is the promised word,
We shall all be as our Lord.

Hasten, Lord, the perfect day!
Let thy every servant say,
I have now obtained the power,
Born of God, to sin no more.

Charles Wesley






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