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Hymn of the Day

TWO are better far than one
For counsel or for fight;
How can one be warm alone,
Or serve his God aright?
Join we then our hearts and hands,
Each to love provoke his friend;
Run the way of his commands,
And keep it to the end.

Woe to him whose spirits droop,
To him who falls alone!
He has none to lift him up,
To help his weakness on:
Happier we each other keep,
We each other’s burdens bear;
Never need our footsteps slip,
Upheld by mutual prayer.

Who of twain hath made us one,
Maintains our unity,
Jesus is the corner-stone,
In whom we all agree;
Servants of one common Lord,
Sweetly of one heart and mind,
Who can break a threefold cord,
Or part whom God hath joined?

O that all with us might prove
The fellowship of saints!
Find supplied, in Jesu’s love,
What every member wants:
Grasp we our high calling’s prize,
Feel our sins on earth forgiven,
Rise, in his whole image rise,
And meet our Head in heaven!

Charles Wesley
(based on Ecclesiastes 4: 9-12)






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