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  • Hymn of the day

    Hymn of the day

    Chareles wasn’t the only hymn-writing Wesley brother. John wrote a few of his own, though nowhere near as many. Here is one of them.

  • John Wesley’s “Catholic Spirit”

    One of my favourite of John Wesley’s sermons — compulsory reading for Methodist preachers — is the one entitled “Catholic Spirit”. In the original 18th century language, there is no denying that Wesley can be heavy going though! Here’s my abridgement of that sermon, in something like modern english.

  • John Wesley: “On the use of money”

    Maybe the most widely quoted (and mis-quoted) of John Wesley’s sermons is “The use of money”. Ever since Mrs Thatcher quoted it to justify her odious political programme it has been widely misunderstood, as this abridgement will (I hope) clarify: