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Hymn of the day

Eternal Son, eternal Love,
Take to thyself thy mighty power;
Let all earth’s sons thy mercy prove;
Let all thy saving grace adore.

The triumphs of thy love display;
In every heart reign thou alone;
Till all Thy foes confess thy sway,
And glory ends what grace began.

Spirit of grace, and health, and power,
Fountain of light and love below,
Abroad Thy healing influence shower,
O’er all the nations let it flow.

Wisdom, and might, and love are thine;
Prostrate before thy face we fall,
Confess thine attributes divine,
And hail thee sovereign Lord of all.

Thee, sovereign Lord, let all confess
That moves in earth, or air, or sky,
Revere thy power, thy goodness bless,
Tremble before thy piercing eye.

Blessing and honour, praise and love,
Co-equal, co-eternal Three,
In earth below, and heaven above,
By all thy works be paid to thee!

John Wesley






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