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  • Why do they stay?

    Why do they stay?

    Will Willimon celebrates those who have chosen to stay with the UMC It’s easy to come up with reasons for displeasure with the state of the church. Low hanging fruit. Only Christ gives us the inspiration and chutzpa to stick with the beleaguered body of Christ. I confess that I’ve been guilty of allowing the…

  • Living in the shadow of mortality

    Knowing that we don’t have all the time in the world shouldn’t be a shock. What matters is how we spend the time we have.

  • Is Methodism dying?

    On belonging to a dying Church and honouring the Living God

  • The “4 All’s” of Methodism

    This is a more-or-less complete service I wrote for our Circuit, for use when no preacher was available. It is based around the “4 all’s”, the slogans which have been used to summarise the distinctive emphases of Methodist theology. I’m sharing it here for the same purpose, and of course if anyone wants to use…