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Month: March 2023

  • Getting used to the taste

    Getting used to the taste

    I’ve never been a fussy eater, and over the years I’ve learned to enjoy almost every food that’s put in front of me. But there’s one thing I can never get used to…

  • Cheap Camera Challenge

    Cheap Camera Challenge

    A little album of images created for the cheap #CameraChallenge on Twitter

  • Hymn of the day

    Hymn of the day

    A change from the Wesleys today, but I’m sure even they won’t mind giving way to this classic bit of hymnody.

  • In the New Forest

    In the New Forest

    A few photos from a recent trip

  • Hymn of the day

    Hymn of the day

    Another hymn by Charles Wesley. This hymn was adapted by John Wesley for public use from a love poem that his brother Charles had originally written for his wife, Sarah (Sally).

  • A “new” camera

    A “new” camera

    I’ve had a “significant” birthday this week — one that ends with a “0”! — and to mark the occasion my wife treated me to an especially fine present, a beautifully refurbished Rollei 35SE from filmfurbish. These little cameras really are masterpieces of design and engineering, among the smallest 35mm cameras that have ever been…

  • Hymn of the day

    Hymn of the day

    Today’s hymn was written by German theologian Joachim Lange (1670 -1744) and translated into English by John Wesley.

  • John Major’s Warning

    John Major’s Warning

    I’m not a fan of former UK Prime Minister Sir John Major. Not a fan at all. But so many of the warnings he gives in this interview about Brexit have been right on the money. Remember: this interview was given some weeks before the Brexit referendum.