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A “new” camera

Rollei 35 SE
Rollei 35 SE

I’ve had a “significant” birthday this week — one that ends with a “0”! — and to mark the occasion my wife treated me to an especially fine present, a beautifully refurbished Rollei 35SE from filmfurbish.

These little cameras really are masterpieces of design and engineering, among the smallest 35mm cameras that have ever been made. Mine has been been given a coat of spanking ceramic paint and lovingly re-skinned and it really does look the dog’s whotsits!

Film Furbish presentation box

All credit to Jeremy at FilmFurbish. Not only does the camera look great, it comes in packaging that gives you the feeling that you’ve got a NEW camera. There’s been real care in the design and presentation. I know it won’t make any difference to how the camera functions, but it adds to the joy of receiving and owning it. I’d be surprised if some of that joy isn’t reflected in the image making.





5 responses to “A “new” camera”

  1. Debra Wilson Avatar

    @richard Happy birthday. I hope you have fun with it. I have a Rollei 35 ( different model) and I love it.

    1. Richard Hall Avatar

      Thanks Debra. Truth is, I do already have a Rollei 35 and I like it very much. But the bodywork isn’t perfect & the meter doesn’t work so when my wife suggested a ‘new’ one would make a good birthday present I could hardly argue!

  2. Andrew Avatar

    @richard Happy Birthday! That’s a great present!

    1. Richard Hall Avatar

      It really is. Not sure what I’ve done to deserve it tbh!

  3. Jeremy Rata Avatar

    Thank you Richard, a lovely article, your kind words about FilmFurbish are much appreciated. I hope you enjoy using that little beauty!
    It’s been a real pleasure dealing with you, thank you for your support.
    Kind regards

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