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  • Lucid: a zine

    Lucid: a zine

    Should we do a second print run?

  • New zine coming soon

    New zine coming soon

    Pleased to announce that Lucid, a zine made as a memorial to John Whitmore, will be available shortly.

  • No More All Through A Lens

    No More All Through A Lens

    I was very sad to hear the announcement that podcasters Eric & Vania are hanging up their microphones on the All Through A Lens podcast. They have consistently been entertaining and intriguing, often exploring parts of the history of photography that I wouldn’t have encountered otherwise. I’m glad that it sounds like the archive is…

  • Possibly the best £20 I’ve ever spent

    Possibly the best £20 I’ve ever spent

    The Nikon F60 isn’t a camera that gets much love, but in our short time together I’ve got very fond of mine.

  • April #CameraChallenge, part 2

    April #CameraChallenge, part 2

    A few images for the April #CameraChallenge

  • April #CameraChallenge

    April #CameraChallenge

    A new camera challenge in the offing

  • New Forest, new camera

    New Forest, new camera

    I’ve developed my first roll through the Rollei 35SE that I got for my birthday. I’m not surprised that they’re not the greatest pictures ever, but it was a pleasure to use and I’m looking forward to getting to know it properly.

  • Cheap Camera Challenge

    Cheap Camera Challenge

    A little album of images created for the cheap #CameraChallenge on Twitter

  • A “new” camera

    A “new” camera

    I’ve had a “significant” birthday this week — one that ends with a “0”! — and to mark the occasion my wife treated me to an especially fine present, a beautifully refurbished Rollei 35SE from filmfurbish. These little cameras really are masterpieces of design and engineering, among the smallest 35mm cameras that have ever been…