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Ambiguous Zine

Following the modest success of “Lucid”, the film community zine published in memory of the late John Whitmore, it seems like the right time to have a go at a follow up.

With the blessing of John’s family, we can take over the title of John’s zine series “Choosing & Losing”, so there’s a least a possibility that this may become an annual thing. Maybe that’s getting ahead of myself. For now, work has begun towards the publication of a second zine to celebrate John’s memory and, hopefully, to raise a little money for the charity chosen by his family.

copiesof the Lucid zine

The title and theme of this edition will be “Ambiguous”. Submissions are invited from the film photography community for inclusion in the zine which we aim to publish in February next year. This means that there will be a deadline for submission of around mid-January ’24. (That will be firmed up in the near future)

For the sake of consistency, and because film photographers love a limitation, photos for this project should be taken on Kosmo Foto Agent Shadow 400 film. There’s no sponsorship or affiliate deal here – this film has been chosen because it’s a good and relatively inexpensive brand that we want to support.

How many photos you submit will be entirely up to you. Call it some. A few. If you want to do some writing to go with your photos, as the Americans say “Knock yourself out.” Personally, I like photography zines to have words in them as well as photographs. It might be that you want to write something that adds an explanation to the photographs, but if you wanted the text to be your main thing with support offered by the photographs, that’s fine too. What we’re after is a variety of interpretations of the title. Not too long long, though! 750 words seems like a reasonable maximum to me – that’s about 3 pages of text I reckon. Most people won’t want to write anything like that much. Have a look at Lucid if you want to get an idea. Don’t be constrained though – if want you want to do doesn’t seem to fit, get in touch and we can talk about it.

The finished zine will be A5 size in landscape orientation. We’ll be printing at 300 dpi, so a photo that’s intended to fill a page completely will need to be 2600 pixels wide and 1850 pixels tall. There’s some approximation involved in those numbers. Preferred format for submission will be jpeg. Nearer to the time, there will a Google form for the uploading of words and images, but we’re not there yet.

What we do have is a form for expressions of interest, so if you’re interested in joining in, you know what to do!





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