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  • Cheap Camera Challenge

    Cheap Camera Challenge

    A little album of images created for the cheap #CameraChallenge on Twitter

  • In the New Forest

    In the New Forest

    A few photos from a recent trip

  • A “new” camera

    A “new” camera

    I’ve had a “significant” birthday this week — one that ends with a “0”! — and to mark the occasion my wife treated me to an especially fine present, a beautifully refurbished Rollei 35SE from filmfurbish. These little cameras really are masterpieces of design and engineering, among the smallest 35mm cameras that have ever been […]

  • Photo Print Day

    Photo Print Day

    #PhotoPrintDay is an initiative started last year by @smalltowninertia to use photography to do a bit of good in the world. There we two last year, and the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria have prompted another, to be held on 18/19 February. You don’t have to be “A Photographer” to take part – any sort…

  • Testing a “new” camera

    Testing a “new” camera

    A few images from a test roll of film

  • Did I mention that I have made a new zine?

    Did I mention that I have made a new zine?

    My latest zine was delivered today! If you’d like a copy, I’d be happy to oblige. £5 in the UK, £8 elsewhere. PayPal suits me, but contact me if that doesn’t work for you. #BelieveInFilm #ShootFilmBeNice #Photography #Shrewsbury #zines

  • Film: La Jetée

    Film: La Jetée

    Dipping into a bit of experimental French cinema

  • I made a new zine

    I made a new zine

    I have a thing for zines, both making my own and collecting other people’s. So it’s a good day when I send one off for printing.

  • Lessons from a novice zine maker

    Lessons from a novice zine maker

    I really enjoy zines. I’ve got a little collection of other peoples’, and I’ve made a few of my own. I’m not an expert by any means, but here are a few tips for someone getting started with zine-making.