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Confirmed: 2022 was the hottest year on record

From BBC News

Last year was the UK’s warmest year on record, the Met Office has confirmed.

The average annual temperature in 2022 was more than 10C for the first time, the national weather service said.

The mean temperature across the 12 months was 10.03C – topping the previous all-time high of 9.88C in 2014.

It means 15 of the UK’s top 20 warmest years on record have all occurred this century – with the entire top 10 within the past two decades.

Greenhouse gas emissions have continued to rise globally so the warming trend can only continue.

This news shouldn’t come as any surprise – the science of climate change has been settled for a long time. But so-called ‘sceptics’ have sewn doubt and confusion, and sadly the media have often given airtime to people with a political agenda that as a matter of ideology would resist any effort to mitigate global warming.

And the world just keeps getting warmer.





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