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  • Can this be my Online identity?

    Can this be my Online identity?

    Through the ActivityPub plugin, this blog posts straight into the fediverse, which is nice. And I have the Friends plugin, which means I can use this site as a feedreader, and that’s nice too. But is there a way I can like/boost/comment in the fediverse using this blog as my identity, or can I only…

  • “A world of composable distributed apps”

    The benefits of the Fediverse, and why there’s more to the Fediverse than Mastodon

  • One more test

    If you read this on Mastodon, will you do me a favour and make a reply from there, please?

  • Another Test

    I’ve tweaked the settings on the ActivityPub plug-in that connects this blog to the Fediverse, so this post is a test to see whether or not I have broken it. But it does give me the opportunity to say that you can follow the blog directly in Mastodon if you’d like to: should do…

  • Another step into the Fediverse

    I’ve added a plug-in which I’m told makes this blog part of the Fediverse, followable from Mastodon. I wonder if it works? This is a test post. Nothing to see here.