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One more test

Still tweaking the ActivityPub plug-in. If you read this on Mastodon, it would help me if you would reply there.

2 dogs quite close up Eager faces

I’ve inserted a picture of my dogs, Ted & Tilly





7 responses to “One more test”

  1. Geir Aasen Avatar

    @richard This is a reply from mastodon

  2. Patrick Ahlbrecht Avatar

    @richard I am a dogperson, I appreciate doggy pics on #caturday

  3. Dave Warnock Avatar

    @richard this is me making a reply 😁

  4. Morag Perkins Avatar

    @richard hello, yes I can see you! 👋And what a lovely pair of good dogs!

  5. Debra Wilson Avatar

    @richard Definitely readable and adorable dogs

  6. LPS Avatar yes, it’s working. Hi from calckey, a misskey fork, on the fediverse:)

  7. Richard Hall Avatar

    Many thanks to all who replied!

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