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  • Test post – nothing to see here

    Test post – nothing to see here

    A post of no interest to anyone but me. I’m exploring the way WordPress with the ActivityPub plugin posts to the fediverse #fediverse #ActivityPub

  • Can this be my Online identity?

    Can this be my Online identity?

    Through the ActivityPub plugin, this blog posts straight into the fediverse, which is nice. And I have the Friends plugin, which means I can use this site as a feedreader, and that’s nice too. But is there a way I can like/boost/comment in the fediverse using this blog as my identity, or can I only…

  • “A world of composable distributed apps”

    The benefits of the Fediverse, and why there’s more to the Fediverse than Mastodon

  • One more test

    If you read this on Mastodon, will you do me a favour and make a reply from there, please?

  • Another Test

    I’ve tweaked the settings on the ActivityPub plug-in that connects this blog to the Fediverse, so this post is a test to see whether or not I have broken it. But it does give me the opportunity to say that you can follow the blog directly in Mastodon if you’d like to: should do…

  • Another step into the Fediverse

    I’ve added a plug-in which I’m told makes this blog part of the Fediverse, followable from Mastodon. I wonder if it works? This is a test post. Nothing to see here.

  • Thoughts on Mastodon

    Good stuff from Seth’s blog It’s inconvenient. You can’t get started in ten seconds. This leads to less initial stickiness. It means that the people who get through the learning curve are more likely to be committed and perhaps generous. In the early days of email, of Compuserve, of AOL, of the web, of just…

  • If I could turn back time

    I was a blogger for a long time. You could say that I was blogging before I knew what blogging was. In the last couple of years of the 1990s I had acquired a bit of webspace and was handcoding an HTML page with updates perhaps 2 or 3 times a week, sharing random thoughts…