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Photo Print Day

is an initiative started last year by @smalltowninertia to use photography to do a bit of good in the world. There we two last year, and the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria have prompted another, to be held on 18/19 February. You don’t have to be “A Photographer” to take part – any sort of photographic print made on any sort of device is eligible. The “rules” are simple enough:

  • Make a print or prints.
  • Share on your socials.
  • Swap print on the 18/19 Feb for a screengrab of a min £10 donation to a charity directly helping the Syria & Turkey efforts.
  • Sort the shipping between you & donator.

And that’s it! If you’ve ever taken a photo you’re pleased with, why not get it printed and share it on your socials with the hashtag? You’ll be thrilled when someone says they’ll send a tenner to the earthquake appeal to get your print. I know it.






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