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  • Hymn of the Day

    Hymn of the Day

    This is not one of Mr Wesley’s that I’ve ever sung, but I think it should be! I can’t tell you what tune it would have been set to, but it goes nicely to ‘Amsterdam’

  • Thoughts at St Govan’s Chapel

    Thoughts at St Govan’s Chapel

    This is St Govan’s Chapel, set almost at the bottom of a sea cliff on the Pembrokeshire coastline. It dates from the twelfth century, but is reputed to be on the site of a sixth century hermitage. The origins of the place are lost in myth, but it has long been (and remains) a place…

  • Excuse me, is this the right room for an argument?

    Excuse me, is this the right room for an argument?

    There is more to an argument than just shouting opposite points of view.

  • Hymn of the day

    Hymn of the day

    Chareles wasn’t the only hymn-writing Wesley brother. John wrote a few of his own, though nowhere near as many. Here is one of them.

  • Hymn of the day

    Hymn of the day

    This is the hymn that Isaac Watts is reputed to have said he wished he had written. The version by Maddy Prior and The Carval Band is my favourite recording, so I’m including that. No one would sing all these verses anymore!

  • Billy Bragg at Greenbelt

    Billy Bragg at Greenbelt

    A video of Billy Bragg singing ‘Jerusalem’ at the Greenbelt Festival 2011

  • Let freedom ring

    Let freedom ring

    A beautiful visual poem for Martin Luther King Day from the SALT Project “No doubt Dr. King would want us to remember and celebrate all the people who made the march possible —inspiring us more than half a century later to keep working, marching, and fighting for jobs, freedom, equal rights, liberation, inclusivity, and a…

  • Why do they stay?

    Why do they stay?

    Will Willimon celebrates those who have chosen to stay with the UMC It’s easy to come up with reasons for displeasure with the state of the church. Low hanging fruit. Only Christ gives us the inspiration and chutzpa to stick with the beleaguered body of Christ. I confess that I’ve been guilty of allowing the…

  • Hymn of the day

    Hymn of the day

    Because it’s Sunday, a hymn by Charles Wesley