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Lucid: a zine project

bananachromatic filmThe hardworking elves at the Sunny 16 Podcast have hand-rolled some very special film retrieved from the darkshed of the late and much-missed Mr John Whitmore. It has been sold through Analogue Wonderland (along with copies of his zines) with proceeds going to support the Asthma and Lung Foundation.

This project is an attempt to build on this by producing a community zine with images captured on the Splendidly-named Banachromatic Black & Whitmore.

In his newsletter to his subscribers in Sept 2021, John Whitmore trailed his hopes of producing a zine from photographs submitted from the community:

“What will follow in the next year of Choosing & Losing?? Well, I’ve got an ever growing list of themes for the issues and the one that keeps playing on my mind is a collaboration issue. I am going to plant the seed for that now, exclusively with my subscribers. …
If you are interested in submitting some work for this … the theme will be –
This will be released around May 2022, get your thinking caps on and if you would like to contribute please get in touch. Open to all types of photography and complimentary writing if you wish.”

When I received my rolls of “Bananachromatic Black & Whitmore” film I felt right away that I needed to use it for some sort of project. Conversations on twitter quickly revealed that others were feeling the same way.

It occured to me that we could use at least some of our Black & Whitmore to make the zine that John missed out on.

If you’ve got yourself some of John’s film, handrolled by the elves at the Sunny 16 Podcast, why not think about shooting some images with the theme ‘Lucid’ in mind?

My hope would be that we could make a zine of about 40 pages to echo the style of John’s ‘Choosing & Losing’ series. I’m happy to co-ordinate gathering the photos and organising the printing and distribution. I’d probably need to ask for help with finding the money for an initial print run. Exactly how it will work will depend on how many of us want to take part. Should we manage to do better than break even, the suplus will go to the charity chosen by John’s family: the Asthma and Lung Foundation.

For now, I’m just wanting to know what interest there might be in this project. Let me know using the google form

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5 responses to “Lucid: a zine project”

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  3. Brownlee Anne-Marie Avatar
    Brownlee Anne-Marie

    To those who are creating this, thank you so much for helping to make John’s wishes come to life. How incredible you all are. It’s so heart warming to hear about this and it makes him feel like he may be gone but he is not forgotten. His legacy continues and I am so happy to hear it.

    1. Richard Hall Avatar

      You’re very kind. That means a lot.

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