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  • A Personal Update

    A Personal Update

    I haven’t been very active here or on social media for several reasons, but mostly because for the last few weeks my mother has been in hospital. Getting to visit her is difficult because of the distance (she’s a two hour drive away) and emotionally I’m pretty strung out. If you’re a praying person and […]

  • Hymn of the day

    Hymn of the day

    One of Charles Wesley’s best known hymns today

  • Photo Print Day

    Photo Print Day

    #PhotoPrintDay is an initiative started last year by @smalltowninertia to use photography to do a bit of good in the world. There we two last year, and the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria have prompted another, to be held on 18/19 February. You don’t have to be “A Photographer” to take part – any sort…

  • With all your mind?

    With all your mind?

    Kim Fabricius argues that learning and scholarship are not the enemies of faith

  • Testing a “new” camera

    Testing a “new” camera

    A few images from a test roll of film

  • On reading the Bible

    On reading the Bible

    How we read the Bible is very often at the heart of the issue when Christians disagree. I offer a few guidelines on how I think the Bible is best approached.

  • Hymn of the Day

    Hymn of the Day

    This is not one of Mr Wesley’s that I’ve ever sung, but I think it should be! I can’t tell you what tune it would have been set to, but it goes nicely to ‘Amsterdam’

  • Did I mention that I have made a new zine?

    Did I mention that I have made a new zine?

    My latest zine was delivered today! If you’d like a copy, I’d be happy to oblige. £5 in the UK, £8 elsewhere. PayPal suits me, but contact me if that doesn’t work for you. #BelieveInFilm #ShootFilmBeNice #Photography #Shrewsbury #zines

  • Thoughts at St Govan’s Chapel

    Thoughts at St Govan’s Chapel

    This is St Govan’s Chapel, set almost at the bottom of a sea cliff on the Pembrokeshire coastline. It dates from the twelfth century, but is reputed to be on the site of a sixth century hermitage. The origins of the place are lost in myth, but it has long been (and remains) a place…

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